Utah State Bail Enforcement Agency

Phone: 801.319.3333
Email: Aaron.Kennedy30@Gmail.com

Fugatives Captured: 680

Aaron Kennedy

20 years ago I started bail enforcement. I quickly found that I excelled and this is what I've been doing ever since.

Bail Enforcement Agents, also called Fugitive Recovery Agents are better known as Bounty Hunters. Don't think of Duane 'Dog' Chapman, this isn't a game.

I am are hired by the bail companies to arrest the fugitive suspects. As a Bail Enforcement Agent I have wide leeway to operate because suspects have signed contracts that strip them of many rights if they forfeit bail. That contract allows me to track down the fugitives with broader rights than any cop in the country. It gave me the right of extradition to enter their home, business, or place of residence and arrest the fugitive.

My arrests are typically much more peaceful than other Bounty Hunters who are much more aggressive.

My arrest techniques are in place because of many years in the business and extensive training programs. I go through great lengths to ensure public safety and a successful arrest without incident.

I try to calmly approach the defendants and tell them that they are under arrest and that I've been sent by the Bail Bond Company. But there are those instances when things that are out of your control happen that make the arrest all but peaceful.


The name of the game is "You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide". I am unwaivering and will not stop until they are caught.

Here are some of my recent captures:

Brandon Huckleby

Chris Sheppard

Elizabeth Lowe

Isaac James

Jacob Hildebrand

Jason Davis

Jennifer Harrison

Jeronimo Pedro

Max Delgado

Nikko Ramirez

Vic Stojanovic


Run and hide, I will find you.

Lee, Dusty

Lee, Dusty

Macias, Katrina

Macias, Katrina